More Seadragon for your pocket

December 16, 2009

iBing got final approval from Apple sometime yesterday and has made its way into the app store:

http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/bing/id345323231?mt=8 (itunes app store link, ye be warned)

It’s cool in and of itself that MS has made another iPhone app.  There are features like voice search, multiple location view, saved locations… all the good stuff you’d want in a search app.  It also shows off the daily image from Bing.com for a little bit more sparkle in your search experience.

It is cooler still that the experience is built on top of the Seadragon iPhone app; check out the maps feature and you’ll be able to see the Seadragon goodness.  I recommend wi-fi over 3G (and don’t even get me started on Edge), ’cause AT&T is… not that great, but even over the wire, you’ll still get a usable, fluid experience.  The Bing guys have really taken our philosophy of the user never waiting to heart and shipped it.

If you’re having a hard time finding good uses for the app, the fellas over at TechCruch have a suggestion or two (mildly NSFW).

Kevin Hanes


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