Another Funky Side Project

November 10, 2009

Here at Seadragon we are all about pimping cool zooming technology and developments.  From time to time however, we like to release fun little one-offs into the wild and see what response we get.  In the same spirit as our first “Funky Side Project”, Infinite Canvas, I submit for your consideration Snapdragon.


Initially showing a handful of the most recent, popular Flickr tags, we take the opportunity to pull random words from wordie.org for you to explore as well.  Click on words to see photos tagged as such and click on photos to see their tags.  You can also hit the auto play button and let serendipity take you where it may.

Snapdragon is written entirely in JavaScript (similar to Infinite Canvas and Seadragon Ajax), moving and resizing HTML images and text to give the impression of zooming.

UPDATE: Wordie.org has merged with Wordnik.com, so we’re now using Wordnik in Snapdragon.

Kevin Hanes



  1. Just a bit of curiosity here: are you fetching different resolutions of flickr photos in Snapdragon and using them in lieu of a proper dzi tile pyramid, or simply using one of the lower sizes of each of the photos the entire time it’s onscreen?

    Also, what determined your limit for maximum images onscreen at once?

  2. Nate, sorry for the delayed response! I’ve been a bit distracted. At any rate, yes, we’re using 2 resolutions of Flickr photos, dynamically switching between them as you zoom in. This is enough to get a lot of benefit, but the downside is you can’t really zoom into the highest resolution. On the other hand, the experience doesn’t really require that. As for how many images we allow on screen, it came down to performance; JavaScript can’t sling as many pixels as Silverlight (yet). This will all change with WebGL, but with Snapdragon we were trying to reach all the browsers.

  3. Hi.

    I really like what you’re doing with Infinite Canvas and Snapdragon. Could you please tell me which is the License from both projects. Can I download the source tinker with it and share the modifications with the world (if I get manage/modify to understand the code properly, because I’m a programming newbie) under a Free (FLOSS) license? Thanks.

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