Hello Monday

September 28, 2009

It is not often that a portfolio site stands out to me, there is usually a lot of  “been-there-seen-that” evident.  It is rarer still that an outstanding portfolio is also in some way related to the Seadragon universe, even tangentially.  In the case of the site Hello Monday, we’ve got a whole lotta “awesome” at work.

Hello Monday

The entire portfolio is laid out on an infinite, scrolling, vertical, canvas that you can navigate with click and drag, or the mouse wheel.  As you mouse over individual items, they lose their sepia tones and acquire full color for emphasis, letting you interact with them more fully.  A single click to one of the portfolio items will zoom you in for larger imagery and greater detail into the nature of the project.  Another click will send you back out to the full portfolio.

There are a lot of nice touches to this site, from the springs on scrolling, to the smooth transitions between zoom states and the sepia toning.  My favorite bit has to be the intro screen that’s been designed to give visitors to the site an idea of how to putter around the site using click and drag.  It’s a simple thing, but an important one to help get users in the right mindset.  Oh, and the random whale hanging out on top is pretty fun.  Check it out.

Kevin Hanes


One comment

  1. these guys have (the right) attitude. can’t wait to see what hello monday comes up with next.

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