Where to go for Seadragon news?

September 24, 2009

As recent as a year ago, it was pretty easy to keep track of all the stuff going on in the Seadragon world… a few people were doing interesting things with Deep Zoom, but otherwise it was pretty quiet. Nowadays there’s new stuff (projects, content, tools, code examples, etc.) all the time. I do my best to keep track of it and share it in various ways, but I haven’t found one single best channel; it’s all kind of scattered about. Perhaps I should fix this state of affairs and consolidate somehow, but for starters I think I’ll just share what I’ve got.

  • There is of course this blog.
  • I (and others) tweet from @livelabs.
  • I bookmark zooming-related sites (many but not all having to do with Seadragon) on Delicious.
  • I share interesting posts I find on Google Reader.
  • I’ve also recently started a Twine for Seadragon-related stuff… we’ll see how that goes, but I like the fact that multiple people can contribute to it. The Zooming Group has a similar feature, and in fact my Delicious bookmarks (along with those of others) are replicated there, but it’s much broader than just Seadragon stuff. That’s cool, but it’s also nice to have the specific focus sometimes.

What do you think? How best to keep track of all the interesting stuff that’s going on?

Ian Gilman


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