New in Zooming: Sony Gets Some.

September 10, 2009

The folks over at Gizmodo have a delightful article on a zooming technology that Sony has demoed for both the PS3 as well as their portable device, the PSP.  From the video you can see a lot of the nice touches that we’ve come to expect of high-quality zooming implementations.  Things like springs for smooth zooming, total responsiveness to the user and remarkably fast resolve time from one zoom level to the next.  It truly is mesmerizing to watch.

The ability and apparent usability of the PSP (at 2:10 into the video) is particularly cool.  The portable device’s navigation buttons appear to be intuitive and every bit as performant as on PS3.  I can’t wait to see what people come up with after Sony ships this to developers “soon”.

Kevin Hanes



  1. As awesome as this is, it saddens me somewhat to see Sony here ‘first’ as far as the public will be concerned. This delivers so much of the initial promise of the original Seadragon.

    Meanwhile it feels to me as though Seadragon, since entering Microsoft, has been condemned to being only an image viewer that only handles either single images or, in the case of Deep Zoom (whose current Silverlight 3 implementation, I must be honest, only performs as intended on multi-core CPUs) only operates with static preprocessed, prepackaged content.

    I really wish that Live Labs had torn into the application of Seadragon to video (Smooth Streaming seems like such a close sibling to Seadragon video), live editable text, dynamic collections of images, vector data, and the computational side of things as demoed by the fractals demoed by Blaise.

    I know that you guys can’t talk about what else you’re working on for futures for any number of reasons from keeping competitors off their guard to not making promises that you can’t end up keeping if management changes the course of development, but it just seems like all of these things certainly will happen and to not acknowledge that any work is being done on them (or even worse if no work is being done with them) is to only serve to let your peers or competitors build a monopoly of hype so that Microsoft is once again looked at as the “me too” follower, rather than the trailblazer.

    I’ll be watching Bill Crow’s presentation at PDC’09 as soon as it’s put up on Channel 9|the PDC sessions site (I can only hope that management has the presence of mind to not cut anything) to see if anything new is shown and my ear is always to the ground for anything from Gary Flake or anything surrounding Dragonfly and Seahorse but details are mighty slim.

    I would love to see video of what’s being built. I can only hope that you guys are up to far, far more than image tile delivery and that teams all through the company are hard at work implementing it in as many next gen iterations as possible but the silence outside of Microsoft is deafening.

    Hungry for details,

  2. Nate, I hear you. There’s always more to do than we seem to have time for. I’m hoping we can make strides to enable the larger developer community to take some of these steps on top of our work.

    I look forward to hearing what you think of Bill and Gary’s presentations at PDC.


  3. And now this! http://bit.ly/gunzoo

    Those Japanese aren’t messing around!

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