Deep Zoom on Linux: Moonlight 2.0 preview

May 6, 2009

moonlightSo Silverlight works on Windows and Mac (though unfortunately not PowerPC Macs), but what about Linux? The Moonlight project is in fact just that, and they’ve now released a preview of Moonlight 2.0, which has all the features of Silverlight 2.0 including Deep Zoom. Check it out to see Photosynth, Hard Rock Memorabilia, and all your favorites running in Linux. They even have an entire development tool chain in Linux, so you can not only view Silverlight sites, but also create new ones. It’s just a preview at this point, so don’t expect it to be perfect, you know the drill.

Ian Gilman



  1. Mind you, we started an abstraction layer for the windowing system (as part of our effort to port Moonlight to the iPhone) and the result should be useful in making Moonlight the Silverlight for MacOS/PPC

  2. That would be sweet! I know a number of folks who still have PPC Macs; Mac users don’t seem to upgrade their hardware as fast as PC users.

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