April 16, 2009

Jean-Francois Rauzier is a French photographer; his website is slick his photographs are well shot, and he shows an eye for composition.  Of particular note are his “Hyper-Photos”.  These are large images set in a Flash viewer that allow for zooming and panning around a large scene.


The controls are a little wonky; moving the mouse around pans you, you can only zoom in by clicking and zoom out is a ctrl-click. Further, all of the zooming is done around the center of the image, not the mouse.  The entire experience is marred because of this constant movement by panning, but there is a delightful saving grace.  There are “hot” areas all over the image that you can click on for a detail shot.  There are a lot of them in the apartment buildings in the foreground; take some time and drag your mouse around the image.

Kevin Hanes


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