Cool Stuff in Seadragon: World Wide Music Scene

April 8, 2009

You may have already seen it on the Seadragon Ajax Gallery, but Tamas Nepusz has an even cooler version on his personal site.

World Wide Music Scene

Some of the features include things like being able to search for a particular band or by last.fm user.  I also enjoy that each band has  semi-transparent album art for a background, though it’s a bummer when an artist occludes another (like when you search for Death Cab for Cutie, or Jeff Beck).

It’s encouraging to see images of this size (300 megapixels) being created in the first place, but it’s infinitely cooler when they get iterated on.  I hope experiments like this inspire people to fill up the canvas that we are trying to provide.

Kevin Hanes


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