April 1, 2009

In their own words: “PsychoPEDIA is a NYC-based independent culture network that offers an inside-look at budding movements and standout subjects within the worlds of music, film, fashion, art and sports”.  I’m not sure exactly what that all entails; apparently though, part of it is a bunch of interesting news stories and videos.


Of interest to those of us in the zooming UI space is how the content is laid out on the site.  Initially, you are given a grid of  icons, but click on one and the background changes and the icons slowly disappear, leaving only a single row.  Then, whoosh, you are being panned rather swiftly to a new background image where a video plays or an article of news is shown.  Each piece of content occupies its own space in the site, and each time you go to it, you are arriving at the same “place” and panning past the same set of items.  It’s an interesting way to lay out a site and would be fun if done with free, or semantic, zoom to navigate around the canvas.  Even as it is, it’s good to see sites using a canvas as a metaphor for how their sites are laid out.

Kevin Hanes


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