Royksopp – Remind Me

March 27, 2009

Royksopp is an award-winning, electronic musician duo from Norway that have been around for over a decade.  Their hits have gotten critical acclaim and have been featured in a few different advertisements as well.  The band is an artistic success as well as a commercial one; their songs are pretty good too.


A few months back, we posted about the Kinetic Typography phenomenon: taking a sound file (generally a famous movie clip) and physically representing it over an infinite canvas.  Royksopp’s video for their song Remind Me is very similar, though they have an interesting twist.  The entirety of their video is created out of moving infographics and it uses zoom in an infinite canvas.  My favorite effect is their use of an object on screen as a pivot point to transition to a new scene.  Check out Remind Me and some other videos in this area when you get the chance.

This song and music video were done in 2002, an eternity ago in the software world.  It serves to remind us that we should be looking for software innovation, not in other applications, but in places like video games, movies and music videos.

Kevin Hanes


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