Seadragon Ajax Gets a Little Spit-Shine

March 20, 2009

Here in the Seadragon group (and Live Labs as a whole), we strive to emulate a “startup mentality” for our projects and incubations. Part of what this means is that we produce demos and prototypes and throw them up against the wall, so to speak. Another part of this is the hope to frequently update the projects that we find have value. In that latter attitude, we’ve silently (as in our API won’t change and nothing will break) updated Seadragon Ajax with a few bug fixes. Hopefully these solved a few of your problems, and if not, be sure and let us know. The list of fixed items is as follows:

  • Full page mode sometimes had images shifted far to the right; images will now appropriately appear in the center of the window
  • The delay when the embed opened images has been fixed. This change allows images to open immediately rather than after a page load.
  • CSS neutralized in the “about” screen; explicitly specified default styles to avoid conflicts.
  • Fixed instances of the Viewport’s center being NaN due to precision error in some instances, causing the image to disappear.

It’s worth repeating that this release is entirely silent; It doesn’t change any of our APIs and as such all users will see the benefit immediately (if they’ve been experiencing any of the problems)

Kudos to the test team and of course Aseem, for writing the changes.

Kevin Hanes


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