You got your Photosynth all over my iPhone

March 13, 2009

…and its name is iSynth (iTunes link).  As of the March 10th 2009, you can view Photosynth on your iPhone using this delightful little app.  The story behind this app is pretty good too; it was developed by Greg Pascale on an internship with Microsoft, at the end of his internship though, the app hadn’t been finished.  He got permission to finish it and now you can get it in your hot little hands.


TechCrunch has a writeup on the app, though I dig just playing with it; it’s got a few rough edges, but it’s fantastic, by the way.  You can leave your impressions/gripes/forms of digital love/bugs/etc on the app’s GetSatisfaction page, or visit this site for information straight form the horse’s mouth.

Kevin Hanes


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