Lovepixel Zoom

January 13, 2009

Lovepixel Zoom takes the extremely large pixel-art city, LOVEPIXEL, and lets you explore it with Seadragon Ajax. The original was already a fabulous treasure hunt of little scenes, and it’s fun to explore it in this new form (especially in full-page mode). Even better, there’s a “link to location” feature, so you can share the cool things you find. Click on the links below the viewer to check out locations other people have found.

Lovepixel Zoom

Read more about how it was put together on their blog post.


One comment

  1. Hi Igilman, thanks for pointing me to the zoom limit config. I gave it a shot at 1, but it seemed to make the flicker when you scroll much more apparent. I’ve changed it to 2 (rather than the default of 4) to make it a little nicer. Cheers.

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