Seadragon Ajax Released

November 20, 2008

We’ve just released Seadragon Ajax, a JavaScript-only Deep Zoom Image viewer. I’m excited to see what people come up with to do with it!



  1. […] out Ian Gilman’s blog and also Dragnosticism for more info about SEADRAGON […]

  2. Thanks for the great work on this!
    We’ve slapped up an example on our Library website, and while it’s not perfect (the full-screen view is funky; I’m sure it’s my fault in the dimensions I assigned it), it really has incredible potential in the way we’ll be displaying our online exhibits.
    It’s also huge for us to have Photozoom to host the image/tile sets (our IT dept. is very conservative in regards to giving us server space).
    You can see our page at:

  3. A natural next step would be do have this running in WPF – I’d like to get the multiscale control working in WPF pulling tiles from SQL server. Is that coming one day?

  4. Richard, this is a common request, and we believe there’s a lot of potential in the Seadragon technology, so I imagine we’ll see it in WPF, but I can’t comment on when it might be.

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